Cobbles Kitchen | December 2021
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Do you truly believe?

Cobbles Kitchen | December 2021
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Spreading magic at Cobbles this Christmas

The Christmas Visit is back and this year we’re partnering with the award-winning Cobbles Kitchen in Ogmore-by-Sea to bring your family a truly magical experience. 

Join us for an enchanting theatrical experience – full of rich story-telling and magical wonderment – delicious food and a personalised table visit from Santa and Snowflake the elf.

This is not just a Santa visit, this is THE Christmas visit.

Do you truly believe?

Bookings now open.

What to expect

Live & immersive 30-minute performance

Magical fun

Delicious food & personalised table visit

Small gift for each child

Professional actors

Magical venue

Rich story-telling

COVID19 safety measures

The Event

On arrival at our festive marquee, delicious hot chocolate for the little ones and mulled wine for the grown-ups awaits. Then out of nowhere, Snowflake the elf bursts in and breaks the news…she’s in trouble; she’s in a terrible tizz, she’s lost Father Christmas and Christmas is in jeopardy!

Through an immersive and interactive performance, full of storytelling, magic and a special wish jar, the little ones will help to find Santa and save Christmas.

Following the performance, you will be guided to your table for a delicious festive breakfast or afternoon tea (depending on your booking selection).

Whilst you enjoy the food from the award-winning Cobbles Kitchen, Santa and Snowflake will visit each family to meet and greet each child, and present them with a small gift and Good List certificate. 

Having provided us with personalised information on booking, watch your child gaze in wonderment as Father Christmas somehow knows and shares the achievements and personal experiences of the little peoples’ past year.

There’s just enough time to snap an ‘Elfie selfie’ before news arrives that Rudolph has activated the Santa tracker and is on his way to take Snowflake and Father Christmas safely back to Lapland. Santa and Snowflake disappear after sharing the most wonderful and memorable Christmas Visit and special wish:  

I wish this Christmas to be full of toys, but mostly I wish it is full with joy, and filled with kindness in all that we do….Believe the magic will come true.